About Us


GURAY CONSTRUCTION was founded in 1991 and we are proud of succsessfully  many different projects in our 25th year.

Our Company realised over 4.000 constuctions, hotels, holliday villages, shopping mall, toristic buildings , public housing and a perfect quality of living complexes.

We continue to invest in the domestic and abroad and follow de latest trends in our business.

Our Company  continue to grow with our latest investition in Germany – Cologne City.

Guray Group  is creating job opportunities in tourism ant construction with a team over 1.000 persons.

With a know how over 25 years and partnerships with prefered and wellknown holdings in the construction business , 

Guray Group is also as a Project consulter and development partner.


Since the beginning,  the company grew in paralel in construction and tourism business, that means investitations, construction and management.

With 25 years of experience we are managing  4 hotels in Turkey, İstanbul, Datça, Bodrum and  during this time we made many investitations in the popular turistic areas of Turkey, Marmaris, Sarıgerme,Kuşadası, Kemer and Kastamonu

The Board is very activ in the management of touristic council, governorship,municipal and many other public and privat corporations. Partnerships and new projekts of the company have a very important mission to guiding tourism of Turkey

Guray Group’s vision and mission is a stable and secure growth, instead of fast growth  and to continue to invest in stable.